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Become a Certified Professional in Health Care Risk Management (CPHRM) and demonstrate your experience and expertise in health care risk management. The CPHRM is the profession's top certification and is a prerequisite for many of the best jobs in the field. In order to obtain this credential, you must pass the CPHRM exam.

About the CPHRM Exam

Administered by the American Hospital Association Certification Center, the Certified Professional in Health Care Risk Management (CPHRM) is health care’s premier certification for the risk management profession. The American Hospital Association’s Certification Center determines eligibility requirements, exam content, testing procedures and other aspects of the certification, and oversees the examination process.

The American Hospital Association Certification Center contracts with PSI to administer the CPHRM exam. The exam is available online at PSI Assessment Centers.


How to Take the Exam

  • Register to take the CPHRM exam at a PSI Assessment Center.
  • Frequently asked questions for the CPHRM exam and CPHRM recertification.
  • Read the CPHRM Candidate Handbook for more details including:
    • Scheduling the exam
    • Rules for taking the exam
    • ID requirements for taking the exam
    • Passing and failing information
    • CPHRM renewal information

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CPHRM Exam Domains and Weight

The following domains and weight reflect the current version of the CPHRM Exam, which launched in January 2020.

  1. Clinical/Patient Safety: 25 items
  2. Risk Financing: 15 items
  3. Legal and Regulatory: 20 items
  4. Health Care Operations: 20 items
  5. Claims and Litigations: 20 items

Learn more abou how the CPHRM Exam Prep Course can help prepare you to become a CPHRM.

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Contact Information

To register for the exam, submit your application or confirm your registration, contact PSI at 1-888-519-9901 or info@goAMP.com.

For additional information about the CPHRM Certification Program, contact the AHA Certification Center at 312-422-3702, or certification@aha.org.

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Recommended Steps to Study for the CPHRM Exam

  • Health Care Risk Management Fundamentals

    Study the core concepts of health care risk management covered in Health Care Risk Management Fundamentals. This textbook is the definitive resource for the foundational topics covered in the CPHRM exam.

    Member $249.00 | Non-Member $299.00

    Health Care Risk Management Certificate Program

    The HRM Certificate Program, a 3-part course offered at ASHRM events, covers these foundational topics in an intensive learning environment. This program is recommended to anyone with less than 5 years of experience in the profession.

  • CPHRM Certification Benefits

  • Increased job opportunities and salary potential

    Increased job opportunities and salary potential

    CPHRM certification is a valuable credential that can help health care risk professionals stand out to potential employers. As a prerequisite for many of the top jobs, CPHRM certification is an asset that can lead to increased opportunities and higher earnings.

  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise

    Demonstrated knowledge and expertise

    The CPHRM exam covers a wide range of topics related to health care risk management, including risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and monitoring. By passing the exam, health care risk professionals demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the field.

  • Enhanced credibility and professionalism

    Enhanced credibility and professionalism

    CPHRM certification is a symbol of professionalism and credibility in the health care risk management field. It shows that health care risk professionals are committed to their profession and that they have met the highest standards of competence.

  • Access to professional development and networking opportunities

    Access to professional development and networking opportunities

    ASHRM offers a variety of professional development and networking opportunities to CPHRM-certified professionals. These opportunities can help health care risk professionals stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the field, and to connect with other professionals in the field.

CPHRM Certificants

Find the current, full list of Certified Professionals in Health Care Risk Management.

CPHRM Certificants
health care risk professional

Already Certified? Share Your CPHRM Story

"Since earning my CPHRM the possibilities for me have been limitless. They range from health care risk management consulting/entrepreneurship, to organizational senior leadership, to mentoring other professionals, to teaching about health care risk management and patient safety at local universities and becoming a certified minority business executive."

Catherstine M. Jones

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