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CPHRM Exam Practice Questions: Claims & Litigation Domain


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CE Credit: 1

Domain: Claims & Litigation

Level: Foundational (F)

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The 110-question CPHRM Exam covers five risk management content areas. This interactive program features 25 multiple choice practice questions to assess your knowledge of the 12 core claims & litigation competencies in the CPHRM Exam. Each selection includes a rationale and reference materials to guide your studies.


The CPHRM Online Practice Exam: Claims & Litigation Domain is a series of interactive preparatory CPHRM Exam questions to help you identify your knowledge gaps in the claims & litigation domain and guide your studies.

This interactive online program covers each of the 12 claims & litigation core competencies through 25 multiple choice questions, with real-time feedback and reference materials for additional study.

This self-study resource is available on-demand for instant user access, so you can feel confident you can succeed in the claims & litigation domain before taking the CPHRM Exam.

Brought to you by the faculty of the ASHRM CPHRM Exam Prep Course, this subset of preparatory CPHRM Exam questions was developed to not only prepare you for the CPHRM Exam but to assist you in identifying the areas of the claims & litigation domain you may be unfamiliar.


Product Code322007OD23
ASHRM CE Credits1
CNE Credits0
DomainClaims & Litigation
Level - Foundational (F), Practitioner (P), Advanced (A)Foundational (F)
Publication Date3/13/2023
Next Review7/1/2024
Cert Expiration7/1/2025

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