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HRM Week, June 17-21, 2024

Proudly sponsored by ASHRM, HRM Week recognizes and celebrates health care risk professionals who play a pivotal role in ensuring safe and trusted patient care and safeguarding the well-being of staff. Join us, June 17-21, for special educational events, resources and activities designed to shine a light on different risk management areas, share member stories and professional development resources, and honor the impact our members make within the health care community.

This year's theme is Risk Professionals: Prioritizing Safety, Mitigating Risk


HRM Week Activity

A printable, fun word search for the entire team:

Download and share with your team to highlight terms that represent risk management.

Celebrate with Themed Gifts

HRM Week gifts are an easy way to show your appreciation for your team and raise awareness of the risk management profession. These new gifts are now available to order.


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HRM Week Live Webinars Highlighting Risk Professionals


  • JUNE

    Interview with the 2023 Risk Professional of the Year

    Tracy Melina, the ASHRM 2023 Health Care Risk Management Professional of the Year, has spent years developing trust and relationships between staff and leadership. Join the conversation as Tracy talks about professional growth, biases in health care and building trust in health care.

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  • JUNE

    ASHRM CPHRM Review Game 

    Celebrate HRM Week with a fun, ASHRM review game that will help you prepare for the CPHRM exam. Join Rodney Melton, MHA, BSN, RN, CPHRM our game show host extraordinaire as he reviews ASHRM's new CPHRM flashcards. The opportunity to win fun prizes will be part of the game

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ASHRM White Papers to Help You Grow

Removing Barriers: Professional Development

This white paper explains the value of the Certified Professional in Health Care Risk Management (CPHRM) credential as well as explores the history of the FASHRM and DFASHRM designations, salutes the individuals who have attained them, presents the applicable requirements, and offers suggestions that will help ASHRM members set goals, eliminate barriers and position themselves to earn these important recognitions.


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Growing as a Risk Professional: The Importance of Local Chapters

This paper delves into the benefits of belonging to and being active in a local chapter. Active engagement at the local level will uncover various opportunities for the risk professional to participate in committees, give presentations, build leadership skills and a professional network, get to know other risk professionals and maximize their chapter membership benefits.


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Promotional Templates

Use these downloadable promotional templates to enhance your HRM Week communications. These materials can help guide you in raising awareness of the importance of risk management and patient safety professionals.

  • This tip card provides four ways which health care workers can play a critical role in patient safety. Print and distribute this card to your coworkers. Download Tip Card

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the health care risk management profession to share with your colleagues and help them discover what HRM week is all about. Download FAQs

  • Information about what risk professionals do, their qualifications, their involvement when crises occur, and how they advance safe and trusted health care. Download Key Messages

  • Share this document with an associate who is interested in the health care risk profession. This overview defines what risk professionals do, how to become a risk professionals and why health care risk management is a rewarding career. Download Overview

  • Utilize our PPT template to create a presentation showcasing your work and the significant impact of the health care risk profession. Download Template




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Celebrate HRM Week with a fun, ASHRM review game that will help you prepare for the CPHRM exam.
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