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HRM Week 2021 – June 21-25, 2021

Join the American Society for Health Care Risk Management in celebrating HRM Week, June 21-25, 2021. This annual event, held in the third week of June, is the time to show your appreciation for health care risk management professionals in your organization and your community. 

The theme this year “Prepared for the Present, Planning for the Future” celebrates all the hard work of risk management professionals over the last year, all while laying the foundation for what’s to come.

HRM Week Learning Activities

HRM Week Quiz
Test yourself on the concepts of health care risk management, patient safety and root cause analysis with ASHRM’s interactive HRM Week Quiz. After you answer each question, you will receive an explanation of the correct answer and a recommendation for further reading on the topic.

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HRM Week Word Search
Review health care risk management terms with the HRM Week Word Search.
Download Word Search (pdf)
Download Answer Key (pdf)

Additional Free ASHRM Resources

Behavioral Health Care in the Ambulatory Care/Outpatient Setting 

Patients with behavioral health disorders are being treated in every segment of health care, including on an outpatient basis. An evolution in how patients with behavioral health disorders are managed is occurring – there are newer models of care such as collaborative/integrated care, telebehavioral health, and the use of technology in treatment including mobile applications.

This whitepaper includes important tools, such as a checklist for treating behavioral health patients in the ambulatory care/outpatient setting; and resources to utilize within the primary care and ambulatory care setting. 

  • Part 1: Behavioral Health Care in the Ambulatory Care/Outpatient Setting
  • Part 2: Behavioral Health Care in the Emergency Department Setting
  • Part 3: Behavioral Health Care in the Inpatient Medical Setting

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High Acuity Patient External Transfer Handoff Guidance Tool

Handoff communication is an integral part of health care. Throughout the medical continuum, inadequate handoff communication is recognized as a potential risk to patients. The complexity of transferring patients to higher acuity care puts these patients at higher risk of communication lapses. This tool will assist the care provider in providing key communication elements to assist in safe transfer of these patients. Download Tool

HRM Week Gifts

HRM Week gifts are an easy way to show your appreciation for your team and raise awareness of the risk management profession. These new gifts are now available to order.

Face Mask
Antimicrobial Pen
Lunch Cooler
Vacuum Insulated Tumbler
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More Products


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HRM Week Toolkit

Download a free HRM Week Toolkit featuring a variety of free resources that you can use to promote HRM Week and recognize the accomplishments of health care risk management professionals in your organization and in your community. Each of these tools will help you raise awareness about the value of risk management and educate your peers about the profession.  

Download Full HRM Week Toolkit

Toolkit Elements

  • This tip card provides four ways which health care workers can play a critical role in patient safety. Print and distribute this card to your coworkers. HRM Week Powerpoint Template Use this template for your presentations and staff meetings during HRM week to raise awareness of the risk management profession. Download Tip Card

  • Use this template for your presentations and staff meetings during HRM week to raise awareness of the risk management profession. Download Powerpoint Template

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the health care risk management profession to share with your colleagues and help them discover what HRM week is all about. Download FAQs

  • Information about what risk managers do, their qualifications, their involvement when crises occur, and how they advance safe and trusted health care. Download Key Messages

  • These talking points will help you speak clearly and on message about the health care risk management profession and HRM week. Download Talking Points

  • Share this document with an associate who is interested in the health care risk management profession. This overview defines what risk managers do, how to become a risk manager and why health care risk management is rewarding career. Download Overview

  • Fill in the blanks on this template article for inclusion in your company’s employee newsletter. This article announces your organization’s participation in HRM Week and recognizes the valuable work that your staff is doing in promoting patient safety. Download Sample Article

  • Reach out to a local online or print publication and let them know what your organization is doing for HRM Week using this template press release. This template contains boiler plate information about HRM Week, with space to tout your organization’s achievements or statistics. Download Press Release Sample

  • Send this request for proclamation template letter to a local government official to have HRM Week officially recognized. This proclamation highlights the vital role that health care risk managers play in health care, and may generate media coverage and public recognition for your organization and staff. Download Sample Proclamation

HRM Week Logo

Download the HRM Week logo and develop your own HRM Week promotional materials:

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