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The journal offers insightful, peer-reviewed content that relates to patient safety, insurance, legal, leadership, and other timely health care risk management topics with the ultimate goal of advancing safe and trusted patient-centered health care delivery and promoting proactive and innovative management of organization-wide risk.


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Journal of Healthcare Risk Management Volume 43, Issue 4

In this Issue

  • EDITOR'S LETTER: The evolution of health care risk management.
    - Application of broken windows theory to identify flow disruptions in neurosurgery procedure.
    - Exploring the dynamics of physician-patient relationships: Factors affecting patient satisfaction and complaints.
  • CASE LAW UPDATE: Case law update by Christopher J. Allman, JD, CPHRM, DFASHRM, Maggie Neustadt, JD, CPHRM, DFASHRM.


Volume 43, Issue 3
Pages 1-48

Volume 43, Issue 2
Pages 1-58

Volume 43, Issue 1
Pages 1-44

Volume 42, Issue 3-4
Pages 1-63


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ASHRM’s quarterly Journal focuses on insightful, peer-reviewed content that relates to patient safety, emergency preparedness, insurance, legal, leadership, and other timely health care risk management topics. JHRM encourages submissions of complete articles or abstracts.


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