Strategic ERM Domain

The Enterprise Risk Management for Health Care, Fourth Edition, from AHLA and ASHRM addresses both the need for, and implementation of, a comprehensive enterprise risk management process and plan.
This session outlines three steps for risk managers to foster a civil health care workplace, focusing on communication techniques to identify, address, and prevent uncivil conduct, and includes strategies for developing performance improvement plans to sustain a civil culture.
Explore how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics are changing the risk landscape and how your organization can protect your patients, practices, and stakeholders with an integrated approach to ESG, third-party risk management, and GRC.
This webinar describes Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concepts, and provide examples of various ways health care organizations are adopting an ESG framework.
An overview of the Strategic Universal Risk Index (SURI) and how it can be used to drive implementation of Enterprise Risk Management.
This webinar discusses ERM as a holistic approach and how it ensures that clinical safety and risk management assume their proper roles as part of the cross-functional ERM leadership team.
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