Risk Mitigation Techniques

Review the current state of maternal morbidity and mortality in the U.S., discuss primary drivers of obstetric risk, and outline how risk professionals can engage with and support perinatal teams.
Learn effective risk and claims management approaches to addressing a patient fall in a facility.
This session dives into the fundamentals of falls management and risk mitigation to enable participants to take actionable steps to reduce their risk exposure from fall events.
This webinar explores the value, methodology, and best practices for dissemination of the results of an Apparent Cause Analysis (ACA), conducts a sample ACA, and encourages discussion on this underutilized tool.
The Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Playbook gives organizations the concepts and strategies to avoid adverse events that could potentially cause harm to patients, families, employees, or others in the patient care setting.
This webinar delves into the barriers to successful RCA and countermeasures to increase the likelihood of success.
This webinar reviews the CDC’s Core Practices for Infection Prevention and Control that can be implemented to reduce harm to patients in all health care settings.