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Strategies, tools, and practice for risk professionals needed to feel confident in managing the disclosure process.
Learn effective risk and claims management approaches to addressing a patient fall in a facility.
This eLearning program teaches risk professionals how to effectively influence the process, culture, and essential relationships in their health care organizations.
Learn what constitutes medical malpractice, how to identify when it may have occurred, and what proactive and reactive risk management strategies to take to prevent these types of errors from occurring in your workplace.
Identify and examine liability exposures and regulatory/legal requirements related to opioid prescribing.
Learn to identify patient safety events involving patients who are obese and learn strategies to ensure the safe care of this patient population.
This course will describe and discuss four principles as ethically foundational to the practice and realization of patient safety.
This online course is an interactive and robust walk-through of the investigation process from the beginning to the end, often examining the implications for your own organization.
Learn to define and mitigate risks surrounding telemedicine to protect against evolving legal risks and improve the patient experience.
Learn about the key components of employing a thorough cybersecurity program to prevent breaches and protect patient information.