The CPHRM Online Practice Exam: Clinical Patient Safety Domain, helps users identify their areas of uncertainty in clinical patient safety.
This eLearning program aims to assist you, the risk manager, to be better able to influence the process, culture, and essential relationships.
The purpose of this foundational course is to expose risk managers to the potential for criminal charges or civil complaints against a health care provider who is involved in medical malpractice.
In this course, you will identify and examine liability exposures and regulatory/legal requirements related to opioid prescribing.
This course will describe and discuss four principles as ethically foundational to the practice and realization of patient safety.
In this eLearning course, health care providers will be able to define and mitigate risks surrounding telemedicine to protect against evolving legal risks and improve the patient experience.
In this course, you will learn more about the significance and impact communication issues have in healthcare, as well as strategies to prevent and remedy those problems before they become malpractice cases.