Risk Financing

HRM Core is immediate, on-demand orientation training that risk professionals can complete while waiting for more comprehensive in-person professional development with ASHRM’s HRM Certification Program.
Be prepared for the unexpected and discuss incident response tools to ensure that the claims process goes as smoothly as possible when unforeseen disaster strikes.
This certificate program will help risk managers learn key risk financing information and techniques, as well as how to better assess their own programs.
The ASHRM 2022 Virtual Conference delivers key takeaways from ASHRM 2022 Boston. Experience timely and reliable risk management programming from the convenience of your computer. The health care risk management field comes together at ASHRM 2022 to share findings, challenges and best practices…
The CPHRM Online Practice Exam: Risk Financing Domain, helps users identify their areas of uncertainty in risk financing.
What's Inside:IntroductionExam Specifications and Learning ObjectivesRisk Financing Practice QuestionsContinued Learning Resources  
The Guide to the CPHRM Exam Risk Financing Domain helps prepare test-takers for risk financing questions on the CPHRM Exam.
Stay ahead of the hardening insurance market by examining how excess pricing is determined and learning about the use of alternative program structures to mitigate the increased cost.
The Legal and Regulatory Playbook breaks down legal concepts, specific regulations, and unfamiliar terminology for new and experienced health care risk professionals.