Active Risk Control Toolkit: Better Solutions After Risk Assessment!




The ARC toolkit was developed by 2012 ASHRM Research Grant Recipient, Alan Card, PhD, MPH, CPH, CPHQ.

With the adoption of risk assessment tools like root cause analysis (RCA) and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), health care organizations have become much more effective at diagnosing the systems failures that lead to adverse outcomes. But there is no evidence that this improved diagnosis has translated into improved outcomes. Why? One reason is that there have been no tools to provide the same kind of support for prescribing the right treatments (developing effective risk control recommendations). Until now.

The ARC Toolkit is designed to solve this problem by providing the same kind of structured approach to risk control that RCA and FMEA provide for risk assessment. Use of the ARC Toolkit is associated with the development of stronger risk control recommendations compared to current practice. Users in the ASHRM-funded research study found the Toolkit useful, reasonably easy to use, and valuable. Most said they would use the Toolkit again in the same or similar circumstances. The ARC Toolkit is available for free under a Creative Commons License.

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