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Leading Health Care Risk Management

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This workbook lends structure and support for risk managers entering a new role, with guidance on the questions to ask and relationships to build.

Workbook Description

A workbook for asking the right questions and building relationship.

Leading Health Care Risk Management is a workbook for health care risk managers who are new to the position and those who are increasing their current scope of responsibilities. This workbook is meant to serve as a tool to lend structure and support, while learning to navigate the role of risk manager.

Suggested topics of conversation with key personnel will not only build organizational knowledge, but also build the foundation for relationships and teamwork through information sharing. Created by experts in the field, this workbook will help risk mangers gather the necessary information in a format that encourages documentation and is easily referenced.

The workbook is organized by the eight ASHRM Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) domains which will help risk managers determine the necessary policies and procedures for each domain, ask the right questions of key personnel and align with the strategic goals of their organizations.

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