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Evolving Catastrophic Cyber Risk Strategies from Cyber Insurers, with a Special Focus on Updated War Exclusions

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Speaker: Cole Haney, Client Advisor, ARM, BS


ASHRM CE Credit: 1

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Do you know what your cyber insurance covers? Do you know what provisions exist in your plan? Recently, cyber insurers have changed how policies manage exposure to systemic events. Cole Haney discusses the changes insurers have made, specifically concerning War Exclusions, and what you need to be covered.

During this webinar we dive into the evolving catastrophic cyber risk strategies Cyber Insurers have deployed, with a special focus on the recently updated War Exclusions that have been released into the marketplace and other similarly revised policy terms. We also offer context as to why insurers are taking action and the factors influencing the changes made to date, the perspective market leaders have on their approaches, and the intent and potential impact the various changes could have on a buyer in certain claims scenarios. Additionally, we dissect how the new approaches compare to those they are replacing, and the important considerations for cyber insurance buyers.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understanding why insurers are taking action to update cyber insurance policy wording.

2. The intent and potential impact the various changes could have on a buyer’s coverage.

3. Important considerations buyers should have in evaluating policy changes.

Product Code322020OD23
ASHRM CE Credits1
CNE Credits0
Level - Foundational (F), Practitioner (P), Advanced (A)F
Publication Date8/08/23
Next Review7/01/24
Credit Expires7/01/25

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