The American Society for Health Care Risk Management (ASHRM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Evan Williams as its new Executive Director.
HRM Core is immediate, on-demand orientation training that risk professionals can complete while waiting for more comprehensive in-person professional development with ASHRM’s HRM Certification Program.
The Enterprise Risk Management for Health Care, Fourth Edition, from AHLA and ASHRM addresses both the need for, and implementation of, a comprehensive enterprise risk management process and plan.
Foster effective leadership and explore innovative ways to achieve your objectives with the Leadership Playbook, offering a strategic perspective centered around critical domains of enterprise risk management, including strategy, finance, and governance.
This white paper series promotes awareness, addresses the need for authentic conversations and insights, and ideally encourages sustainable changes regarding implicit bias within health care organizations.
This paper delves into the benefits of belonging to and being active in a local chapter.
This white paper was created to guide members through ASHRM's well-established programs that can serve to drive professional growth.
Speak at ASHRM's 2024 Annual Conference & Exhibition in San Diego! Submit your proposal for a 60-min or 90-min session on health care risk management or patient safety.
The 2023 scholarship application is now closed!
ASHRM will recognize each award recipient during the ASHRM 2022 Annual Conference.