2024 ASHRM Awards

ASHRM John C. West Writing Excellence Award


The ASHRM John C. West Writing Excellence Award recognizes exceptional writing in the Journal of Health Care Risk Management.

Winner is selected by the Editorial Review Board.

Past Recipients

2023: "A failure in the medication delivery system—how disclosure and systems investigation improve patient safety"
Scott R. Lucas, PhD, PE, Principal Biomedical Engineer, Jensen Hughes
Ed Pollak, MD, FASA, CPPS, Chief Quality Officer and Chief Medical Officer-Associate, Henry Ford Health System
Charles Makowski, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Drug Information/Medication Safety, Henry Ford Health
2022: "Implementing a human factors approach to RCA²: Tools, processes and strategies"
Douglas A. Wiegmann, PhD | Laura J. Wood, PhD | Demetrius B. Solomon, MS | Scott A. Shappell, PhD
2021: "The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on risk management practice: A report from the epicenter of the epicenter in New York City"
Victorio R. Tolentino, JD, MPH, NP | Louise Derevlany, Esq. | Cassandra DeLaMothe, Esq. CPHRM | Suzanne Vick, RN, BSN | Luba Chalyavski, RN, MSN
2020: "Harnessing the power of medical malpractice data to improve patient care"
Dana Siegal, RN, CPHRM, CPPS | John Swift, MBA | Janell Forget, RN, BSN, JD | Tim Slowick, MBA
2019: "Sustaining and spreading quality improvement: Decreasing intrapartum malpractice risk"
Palmira Santos, PhD | Anju Joglekar, PhD  | Kristen Faughnan, MPA | Jennifer Darden, BSN, RNC  | Lisa Masters, RN, CPHRM  | Ann Hendrich, RN, PhD, FAAN  | Christine Kocot McCoy, JD
2018: "A Framework for Operationalizing Risk: A Practical Approach to Patient Safety"
Simon C. Mathews, MD | Kathleen M. Sutcliffe, PhD | Margaret R. Garrett, Esq. | Peter J. Pronovost, MD, PhD | Lori Paine, DrPH, MS, RN  
2017: "Implementing an error disclosure coaching model: A multicenter case study"
Andrew A. White, MD | Douglas M. Brock, PhD | Patricia I. McCotter, RN, JD, CPHRM, CPC | Sarah E. Shannon, PhD | Thomas H. Gallagher, MD      
2016: "From To Err Is Human to Improving Diagnosis in Health Care: The risk management perspective"
Robert F. Bunting Jr., PhD, MHA, DFASHRM, CPHRM, CPHQ, MT(ASCP) | Daniel P. Groszkruger, JD, MPH, DFASHRM, CPHRM 
2015: "EMTALA obligation for psychiatric patients"
2014: "Improved obstetric safety through programmatic collaboration"
Dena Goffman, MD, FACOG | Michael Brodman, MD | Arnold J. Friedman, MD | Howard Minkoff, MD, FACOG
2013: "Communicate, don’t litigate: The Schwartz Center Connections Program"
Beth A. Lown, MD | Karen Gareis, PhD | William Kormos, MD | Gila Kriegel, MD | Daniel Leffler, MD, MS | Jim Richter, MD
2009: Robert Bunting Jr., Joyce Benton, Donald Morgan
2003: Robin Kroll and Scott Kroll
2002: Grena Porto
2001: Kathleen Rice Simpson
2000: Mary Marta
1999: Robert Bunting Jr., Joyce Benton, Donald Morgan
1998: Kathleen Shostek
1997: Marshall Kapp
1996: Edward Bartlett
1995: Corbette Doyle
1994: Ronni Solomon