ASHRM – Top 5 reasons for physicians and advanced practice providers to join


The American Society for Health Care Risk Management (ASHRM) is a professional membership group of the American Hospital Association (AHA) with members representing risk management, patient safety, insurance, legal, finance and other related professions.  Physicians, advanced practice providers and clinicians are members of ASHRM; and they are dedicated to improving patient care through the advancement of risk management and patient safety.




Reason #1.  Provide better care for your patients.
ASHRM membership includes access to educational and practical tools that directly affect patient safety in multiple clinical settings. ASHRM has resources for ambulatory care, obstetrics, culture of safety, communications, and apology and disclosure when there is an adverse event. Each tool contains valuable information about how to incorporate risk management and patient safety into the everyday practice of medicine. 

Reason #2.  Support efforts to highlight best practices for delivering the safest patient care.
As a front line health care provider, you can contribute to the knowledge of the entire risk management and quality team, whether it is in an individual practice or within an entire health system. You know where the safety gaps may occur and can contribute to safer care through participation in conferences, debriefings, and analysis of near misses as well as adverse events. ASHRM has created an online community, ASHRM Exchange, where specific risk management questions and concerns are posted and discussed daily.

Reason #3.  Develop and demonstrate your expertise in writing, research, and speaking to further your career.
The Journal of Healthcare Risk Management contains peer-reviewed articles that are dedicated to evidence based best practices and current issues in patient safety. The ASHRM Annual Conference encourages submission of presentations from health care practitioners addressing multiple areas of risk and patient safety.

Reason #4.  Make a difference locally by participating in a local chapter.
Most states have chapters that have frequent meetings and presentations that address local areas of interest with respect to risk and patient safety. It is crucial for clinicians to participate and provide insight into the day-to-day opportunities and challenges of the clinical setting. Clinicians can also be of great assistance in helping risk management professionals to frame their messages in ways that resonate with staff and leadership.

Reason #5.  Become a leader in your community.
Leadership is key in helping health care practitioners understand the impact of safe practices. The pressures of daily practice can make doing the right and safest thing a challenge at times. Leaders can model and help others see the bigger picture of risk management and safe patient care.

Join ASHRM today and become part of the national effort to deliver safe and trusted health care.