The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) is an influential voice on issues related to healthcare risk management and patient safety across the continuum of care, regardless of setting. Our goal is to "advocate for laws and policies that benefit patients and enable healthcare to remain safe, viable, and accessible."

ASHRM is aware of critical and emerging issues in healthcare risk management and patient safety. Based on the collective knowledge of experts in the field, ASHRM identifies opportunities to drive forward advancements in knowledge and advocates for changes in policy and practice that will result in safer healthcare. ASHRM seeks to establish relationships with other organizations focused on issues related to and affecting healthcare risk management and patient safety, to ensure that the unique risk management perspective is consistently included in ways that can improve results.

The Advocacy Task Force is composed of volunteers with specialized expertise and interests related to ASHRM's advocacy goals. All ASHRM members are encouraged both to volunteer and to contribute to advancing advocacy by sharing information and recommendations with the Advocacy Task Force.