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ASHRM at 2023 ANCC National Magnet Conference


Hello 2023 ANCC National Magnet Conference Attendees

Thank you for attending the 2023 ANCC National Magnet Conference, October 12-14, and visiting the ASHRM Booth!


As a nurse, you make decisions daily that affect the health care outcomes of your patients. With a solid education behind you, it is very likely that you will make educated, evidenced based decisions to better the outcomes for those you care for. But, what if... that if is RISK. What if the incorrect armband is on your new patient and you need to deliver medications to them? What if there is a cyber-attack on your organization and the telemetry unit is compromised? What if...

Risk is everywhere in life and especially in medicine. The American Society for Health Care Risk Management (ASHRM) is the only risk management organization dedicated to health care. By learning about those IFs and how you as a nurse can step up your defense for your patients, your organization, and for yourself, we can all advance safe and trusted health care.


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ASHRM is the leading professional membership group for health care risk professionals.


ASHRM works to promote safe and trusted health care by supporting risk professionals with resources and knowledge to manage enterprise risk across the health care continuum. But health care risk professionals are not the only group of health care team members that need to be thinking of “what IF.” Nurses do too. Because risk is inherent to how we deliver health care, nurses need to understand what could happen.


ASHRM provides members with an essential combination of education, professional development and networking necessary to succeed in your role and promote safe and trusted care at your organization. ASHRM members benefit from certificate programs, cutting-edge publications and expert advice from the field to support you through every stage of your career.


And that's not all! ASHRM is also accredited as a provider for nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.




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