Patient Safety Week 2017

March 12-18, 2017
The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management is dedicated to its mission of improving patient safety. This year in observation of National Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 12-18, ASHRM is contributing to the advancement of patient safety by sharing resources with the health care risk management and patient safety communities.

Ways to Celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week

ASHRM Academy 2017

April 24-27, 2017, Charlotte, NC
ASHRM Academy 2017 is ASHRM's intensive learning program held every Spring. ASHRM Academy combines four days of educational activities with a refreshing getaway at a luxury resort in a warm climate.

Sign Up to Earn Your Patient Safety Certificate at ASHRM Academy
Participate in ASHRM's unique two-part Patient Safety curriculum to help healthcare risk management and patient safety professionals understand and apply their key contributions to improved patient care and outcomes. This two-part program will be offered for one final time at ASHRM Academy 2017, April 24-27, Charlotte, NC.

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Physician Office Risk Management Playbook

Physician Office Risk Management Playbook
Get the resources you need to manage risk in physician office practices. This playbook is your go-to reference for tools and references on risk management issues including follow up of test results, missed appointments, medical records, patient communication, scope of practice issues, patient termination and much.



Patient Safety Risk Management Playbook

Patient Safety Risk Management Playbook
Gain the knowledge to promote an enterprise risk management program that enhances patient safety and demonstrates added value with ASHRM’s Patient Safety Playbook. The book will help you become a more knowledgeable and confident healthcare risk manager through the use of data and metrics, an approach that supports patient safety and risk reduction programs and initiatives. 



Root Cause Analysis Playbook

ASHRM Root Cause Analysis Playbook
The ASHRM Root Cause Analysis Playbook is an invaluable resource for when harmful patient safety events happen in your healthcare facility. This Playbook gives risk managers of all experience levels an industry-proven template for responding to these sentinel events, with a clearly-framed step-by-step approach to RCA. This book also contains all of the leading RCA tools in one place, from fault trees to approximate cause analysis, as well as guidance on how to choose the right response team and ask the right interview questions.


Patient Safety White Papers & Tools

Serious Safety Events: A Focus on Harm Classification – Deviation in Care as Link Getting to Zero™
White Paper Edition No. 2 (PDF) (October 2014)

Serious Safety Events: Getting to Zero™ White Paper Edition No. 1 (PDF) (October 2012)

Disclosure of Unanticipated Events (PDF) (2013)

ASHRM Active Risk Control (ARC) Toolkit

Patient Safety Crossword

A fun way to practice your patient safety vocabulary! This crossword contains commonly-used terms in patient safety.

Crossword Puzzle

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