April Webinar – Ounce of Prevention: Hospitalist Risk Reduction Strategies

Join us on Monday, April 24 at 1 p.m. CDT for ASHRM's April webinar, which explores the benefits and risks of the hospitalist model of care. The presentation includes a discussion of case studies involving hospitalists and risk management strategies that reduce patient safety risks for organizations using the hospitalist model. Click here for more information and to register.


Submit Your “Why” Story Today!

Throughout 2015, ASHRM will be asking its members “What’s Your Why?” We want to know – in your words – WHY you do what you do every day and WHY you care so much. Click here for more information


ASHRM’s Journal of Healthcare Risk Management Again Receives International APEX Awards for Publishing Excellence!

2013 APEX Award

For the fourth year in a row, congratulations are due to the authors, contributors and Editorial Review Board of ASHRM's Journal of Healthcare Risk Management, whose work has been recognized with a 2014 APEX Award for Publication Excellence in the category of Regular Departments & Columns. In addition, Volume 33, Issue 1 of the Journal also received an Award of Excellence in the print category of Magazines, Journals & Tabloids. That brings the total to five Awards over the past four years. APEX 2014, the 26th Annual Awards for Publication Excellence, is an international competition that recognizes outstanding publications throughout the communication and publishing industry. To access the current issue of the Journal, Click here.


Active Risk Control Toolkit!

Better Solutions After Risk Assessment

The Active Risk Control (ARC) Toolkit is designed to provide the same kind of structured approach to risk control that RCA and FMEA provide for risk assessment. The ARC Toolkit is now available to ASHRM members only. For more information and to download the Toolkit, Click here.


ASHRM White Paper: Enterprise Risk Management: A Framework for Success

Healthcare organizations have made significant strides in developing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs, but there is still much work to be done. To facilitate this process, ASHRM has defined ERM and created an ERM Framework for use in healthcare around which an ERM program can be formed. This white paper graphically displays the Framework and describes key structural components necessary in any healthcare setting. Use this Framework to help build consistency in your efforts to move ERM forward. To download the ERM Framework white paper, Click Here...


ASHRM White Paper: Serious Safety Events: A Focus on Harm Classification - Deviation in Care as Link Getting to Zero™ White Paper, Edition No. 2

This white paper provides healthcare professionals with a deeper understanding of how serious safety events are defined, classified and analyzed for harm prevention, as well as helping healthcare organizations consider strategies to reliably measure preventable harm, determine effectiveness of prevention techniques, practice consistent high-reliability methods and achieve safe and trusted healthcare. To download ASHRM’s SSE II White Paper for members, click here.


Download ASHRM's Workplace Violence Toolkit Today!

Over half of all nonfatal workplace assaults occur in healthcare services* – build your prevention plan with ASHRM's Workplace Violence Toolkit.

The healthcare industry has become a focal point for security. The eruption of violence in waiting rooms and treatment areas is becoming increasingly common, compromising the safety of employees, nurses, physicians, patients and visitors. The emergency department is one of the most vulnerable settings for workplace violence. It's the most volatile area of the hospital, as dramatic life-and-death cases come through the front door.

The ASHRM Workplace Violence Toolkit demonstrates how to build a step-by-step program to prevent and de-escalate violent events at work. To learn more and download the Workplace Violence Toolkit for ASHRM members, click here.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010


ASHRM 2014 Annual Conference & Exhibition Highlights!

ASHRM’s annual conference is the optimal learning, networking and career-building experience for risk management and patient safety professionals nationwide. With over 2,000 in attendance, thought provoking keynote speakers, six tracks and more than 70 concurrent sessions, ASHRM 2014 continues its tradition of delivering extraordinary education and professional development resources.

For those who were not able to attend, we’ve compiled annual conference highlights that include photos, award winners, new FASHRMs and more. Even as an attendee, with so many opportunities available, we realize that you may not have been able to attend every event on your list so we hope you all enjoy these ASHRM 2014 highlights as well.

Click here for more information.


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Updating your ASHRM profile is simple and easy. By updating your profile online, you’re assured of receiving all of the valuable member benefits ASHRM has to offer, from ASHRM publications to access to the Career Center and member-only web content. Log in today to update your profile.


Visit the ASHRM Patient Safety Portal

ASHRM’s Patient Safety Portal includes links to tools and resources such as patient safety strategies, articles, videos, and other information specifically for HRM professionals. Click here to visit the Portal.


Getting Involved with ASHRM

Do you have professional expertise you'd like to share? Consider volunteering your services to ASHRM. Numerous volunteer opportunities are available, such as writing for ASHRM's Risk Management Pearls, the Journal of Healthcare Risk Management, and the Forum quarterly newsletter. You may also join a work group that reviews educational assets for risk managers, or deliver an educational webinar. Click here for more information.

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Journal of Healthcare Risk Management

Journal of Healthcare Risk Management

Read it online today!
Download the Q2 edition (Volume 34: Issue 4) of the award-winning, quarterly Journal and stay ahead of the field with the industry's latest in-depth studies, important trends and upcoming developments in healthcare risk management. Click Here to access the Q1 Journal today!

Enterprise Risk Management Playbook Now Available

Journal of Healthcare Risk Management

ASHRM’s ERM Playbook provides healthcare risk management professionals with options and inspiration for developing a successful Enterprise Risk Management program tailored to their level of ERM expertise and organizational readiness. Click here to learn more.


ASHRM University's Course-of-the-Month

Preventing Surgical Fires: Important Advances in Operating Room Safety ($10 Off - Only $69 for ASHRM Members; $89 for Nonmembers)
Operating Room (OR) fires occur more than 1,000 times a year in the United States, with potentially devastating outcomes for the patient, providers and the institution. This course addresses the causes of OR fires, prevention strategies and safety pointers to decrease patient risks in a cost-effective manner.

Click here for more information and to register.


Now Available – the Updated CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide – Order Yours Today!

CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide

Study wisely for the CPHRM exam.

ASHRM’s CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide is updated and organized according to the most current Certification Exam Content Outline. The guide’s detailed outline format includes a number of useful features such as key terms, acronyms, organization by domains of practice and review questions and more. Intended to serve as an outline for exam preparation, the guide is a valuable resource for healthcare risk managers and patient safety professionals. For more information, Click Here.


ASHRM/Aon 2014-2015 Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark Report

ASHRM/Aon 2014-2015 Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark Report

This information has been developed to help healthcare professionals better understand and estimate the costs – future and past – of medical malpractice.

Click Here for more information and to purchase your copy of the 2014/2015 ASHRM/Aon Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark Study today!


Just Launched! ASHRM's Updated Risk Management Pearls to Enhance Communication in Healthcare Settings

Click here for more information and to purchase ASHRM's updated Risk Management Pearls to Enhance Communication in Healthcare Settings!


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