A Brief History of ASHRM: 1980-2010


Since 1980, health care risk managers have turned to one resource for support, information and collaboration. That resource today is the American Society for Health Care Risk Management-ASHRM. After three decades, ASHRM's voice rings stronger and clearer than ever to proclaim our message of safe and trusted health care.

As we mark the organization's 30th anniversary, we wanted to take time to reflect on our contributions to the growth of the profession. What began as the American Society for Hospital Risk Management evolved into the American Society for Health Care Risk Management. Our more than 5,400 members and 50 affiliated local chapters represent a variety of health care-related entities with clinical, legal and financial interests.

ASHRM became the global resource leader in the field of health care risk management by meeting our members' evolving needs through world-class education and effective professional networking opportunities. We support health care risk managers by serving as their voice, building awareness about the profession, delivering the information they need and fueling their career development.

ASHRM's continued success hinges on the unflagging commitment of our volunteers and past and current leaders. From the pioneers who first saw the need for a society of like-minded health care professionals to all of the members who have contributed to its growth, it is their collective dedication that has made ASHRM a world-class organization.

We are in an era of never-ending change, with technology evolving at warp speed and regulations shifting the very nature of health care delivery. Now more than ever, we must focus on telling our story to our institutions and our employers. Communicating the value of risk management as a discipline and as a profession that embraces patient safety is something we can all do to better serve our profession now and in the future.

At 30 years and counting, we have much to celebrate, but we hope that CELEBRATING 30 YEARS, A brief history of ASHRM: 1980 - 2010 is more than a simple chronicle. May it also serve to inspire new members-ASHRM's future leaders. Happy reading.

Theresa Zimmerman, RN, JD, CPHRM, DFASHRM, 2010 President

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