HRM Week 2018 - June 18-22, 2018

Join the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management in celebrating HRM Week, June 18-22, 2018. This week is time to show your appreciation for the work that risk management and patient safety professionals do to ensure that patients receive safe and trusted health care.


HRM Week Webinar

Each year ASHRM hosts a webinar to educate risk managers on an issue related to the HRM Week Theme. Information on the HRM Week 2018 webinar is coming soon.


HRM Week Quiz

Test yourself on the concepts of health care risk management, patient safety and root cause analysis with ASHRM’s interactive HRM Week Quiz. After you answer each question, you will receive an explanation of the correct answer and a recommendation for further reading on the topic. 2018 questions coming soon!


HRM Week Gifts

Purchase gifts to show your appreciation to your team and promote risk management at your facility. HRM Week 2018 gifts will be available to order in early Spring.


HRM Week Tools

Come back later for resources to help you raise awareness of the value of risk management and educate your workplace and your community about your profession.


#HRMWeek on Social Media

Be part of the conversation by including the hashtag #HRMWeek in your social media posts.