Healthcare Facility Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Tool

Violence in the workplace continues to be an area that risk managers need to be proactively preparing their institutions to prevent.  At the same time, the risk manager needs to know what to do in the event they are faced with an immediate situation.  This tool kit is designed to assist in both of these areas.  The links below include a check list to ensure you are prepared to prevent violence against staff and a separate tool to have handy to address it if it happens.  For each item ASHRM has shared some resources such as example policies, but you may also want to print the tool and track resources in your organization so you have everything at the tip of your fingers if needed.  If you have additional resources you think would be valuable to add, please share them with us by emailing


Staff to Staff Violence/Harassment


Physician or Third Party Professional to Staff Violence/Harassment


Patient to Staff Violence


Visitor/Family to Staff Violence


Stranger/Non-Employee to Staff Violence


Download the entire toolkit (PDF)