ASHRM – Top 5 reasons you should become involved

ASHRM is the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management.  There are 6,000 members, comprised mostly of risk managers, quality personnel, and patient safety officers.  Health care providers are also members of ASHRM; and have a strong commitment and recognition that the advancement of risk management and patient safety practices are a key to improving patient care. So why should you become involved and join?  What can ASHRM do for you? What can you do for ASHRM?

Reason #1.  ASHRM helps you take better care of your patients.

There are a large number of resources (publications, webinars, meetings) developed in conjunction with the ASHRM membership that directly affect patient safety in multiple clinical settings.  Some of these areas include ambulatory care, obstetrics, culture of safety, communications, and apology and disclosure when there is an adverse event.  Each of these resources contains valuable information about how to incorporate risk management and patient safety into the everyday practice of medicine. 

Reason #2.  You can help the ASHRM membership focus on critical areas of delivering the safest patient care.

As providers of health care at the sharp end, you can contribute to the knowledge of the entire risk management and quality team whether it is in an individual practice or within a hospital or other structure.  You know where the safety gaps occur and you can contribute to safer care through participation in conferences, debriefings, and analysis of near misses and adverse events.  The ASHRM Exchange is an on-line list serve where specific risk management questions and concerns are discussed, input is sought from those with experience, and a place where exchange of information occurs daily.

Reason #3.  The ASHRM Journal and the ASHRM Annual Conference are great venues to develop and demonstrate your expertise in writing, research, and speaking.

The Journal of Healthcare Risk Management contains peer-reviewed articles that are dedicated to evidence based best practices and current issues in patient safety.  The ASHRM Annual Conference, held each fall at various sites around the country, is a large conference that encourages submission of presentations from all health care practitioners addressing multiple areas of risk and patient safety.

Reason #4.  Participating in a state ASHRM Chapter offers an opportunity to make a difference locally.

Most states have chapters that have frequent meetings and presentations that address local areas of interest with respect to risk and patient safety.

Reason #5.  Becoming active in ASHRM allows you the potential to become a leader in your community with respect recruitment of other health care providers in ever-needed ongoing efforts to improve patient safety.

Leadership is key in helping health care practitioners understand the impact of practicing the safest of care. The pressures of daily practice can, at times, make doing the right and safest thing a challenge. Leaders can model and help others see the bigger picture of risk management and safe patient care.

So consider joining ASHRM and becoming part of our national effort to contribute to ASHRM and let ASHRM to also contribute to your growth and expertise in risk management and patient safety. We’d love to have you


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