White Papers

ASHRM white papers are developed and peer reviewed by professionals in the field to provide you with reliable information that is promoting best practices in healthcare risk management.  As the leader in advancing safe and trusted healthcare through enterprise risk management, ASHRM strives to deliver content that meets the needs of our members and all those in the risk management field.  If you would like to suggest a topic for a white paper, please let us know by emailing ashrm@aha.org.  


Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management: A Framework For Success (PDF) (August 2014)

Value-Driven ERM: Making ERM an Engine for Simultaneous Value Creation and Value Protection (PDF) (October 2010)

Enterprise Risk Management: Defining the Concept; Getting an ERM Program Started; The Role of the Chief Risk Officer (PDF) (February 2006)


Healthcare Risk Management: The Path Forward (PDF) (2014)

A risk manager’s tour of the ARRA (PDF) (May 2009)

How to use & understand statutes, regulations, guidelines, interpretations & model guidance (PDF) (May 2003)


Data for Safety

Tackling patient safety taxonomy: A must for risk managers (PDF) (February 2008)

Modernization of patient safety event reporting: Surveillance and benchmarking (PDF) (April 2008)

Turning lessons learned into actionable knowledge (PDF) (June 2008)


Patient Safety

Serious Safety Events: A Focus on Harm Classification - Deviation in Care as Link
Getting to Zero™ White Paper Edition No. 2
(PDF) (October 2014)

Serious Safety Events: Getting to Zero™ White Paper Edition No. 1 (PDF) (October 2012)

Disclosure of Unanticipated Events (PDF) (2013)

Thought Leader Forum: Workplace Intimidation - Summary of Findings (PDF) (December 2011)

Different roles, same goal: Risk and quality management partnering for patient safety (PDF) (June 2007)

Perspectives in advance directives (PDF) (September 2006)

A call for federal immunity to protect health care employers, and patients (PDF) (April 2005)

The growing role of the Patient Safety Officer: Implications for risk managers (PDF) (June 2004)

Strategies and tips for maximizing Failure Mode Effect Analysis in your organization (PDF) (July 2002)


Risk Financing & Claims

Pre-dispute arbitration agreements in provider contracts: What healthcare risk managers should know (PDF) (March 2008)

The basics of captive insurance programs (PDF) (June 2003)

Building a better submission: How to get the best insurance quotes (PDF) (December 2002)

Perspectives on the state of the insurance market (PDF) (May 2002)


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