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Submit Your ERM Success Story for Recognition by August 1

July 17, 2017

ASHRM is presenting health care organizations with the opportunity to receive recognition for their efforts in advancing enterprise risk management (ERM). Submit your ERM success story online by August 1, 2017, to have it included as part of a program at ASHRM 2017.

To submit your ERM story please describe your ERM success story and answer the following questions in fewer than 500 words using the form below:

  • How did you determine your ERM program was successful and what measures did you use to determine your success?
  • What were the barriers you had to overcome?
  • Who were the key players?
  • What ASHRM ERM tools or education did you use?
  • What collaboration was required to be successful and how did you involve others?
  • What are the lessons learned in this ERM project?

Submit Your Story