ASHRM Educational Scholarship Program General Guidelines and Criteria

ASHRM is dedicated to supporting the professional and scholastic development of current and prospective risk management and patient safety professionals.  The ASHRM Educational Scholarship Program offers financial support for attendance at the ASHRM Annual Conference.


General Guidelines:

  1. Scholarships are only available to ASHRM members in good standing, and who have maintained membership for at least one year prior to submitting application materials for scholarship.  
  2. All applicants must submit a complete application and letter of recommendation.
  3. First priority will be given to first time applicants. 
  4. Funding is limited.  All decisions regarding an applicant’s approval or denial of a scholarship are made at the discretion of the ASHRM Educational Scholarship Task Force and the ASHRM Board of Directors and are considered final.
  5. All applications must be submitted by June 30, 2017
  6. Scholarship covers conference registration only (travel and lodging not included)

Scholarships will not be retroactively accepted for attendance at a program that has already taken place.


Applicant Criteria:

  1. All applicants must be currently employed at the professional level in the risk management, risk insurance, risk finance, healthcare law, or patient safety management profession; or must be able to articulate that a career change to the field of risk management/patient safety is a desired professional goal.
  2. Scholarships are considered for applicants demonstrating insufficient sources of funding to cover the full cost of the course or program.
  3. Ability to demonstrate how newly learned techniques will be applied to improve the organization’s overall risk management/patient safety program.
  4. Documentation of current involvement in ASHRM activities (i.e. local chapters, committees/task forces, Journal of Healthcare Risk Management), or description of interest in involvement will be considered.


Required Application Documentation:

  1. Applicant narrative that includes the following:
    1. Name, Address, Telephone Numbers, and E-mail address
    2. Current position held at employer organization
    3. Description of how newly learned methods and skills will be applied to improve the organization’s overall  management/patient safety program
    4. Individual scholastic experience, activities, and accomplishments
    5. Documentation of current involvement in ASHRM activities, or description of interest in involvement.
  2. Resume or CV that details work/scholastic experience related to risk management and/or patient safety
  3. Employer letter of recommendation.
    1. Applicants must provide their letter writer with this template
    2. Letter must be from current employer (if currently unemployed or self-employed, letter may be from a past employer defined as “an individual who serves or has served in a supervisory capacity to the applicant”.


Post-Program Requirements

  1. Annual Conference recipients must provide a one page summary of their experience by December 1.  This information must be sent to
  2. All applicants are strongly encouraged to post on the ASHRM Exchange and/or submit an article for possible publication in ASHRM’s Journal of Healthcare Risk Management, describing how attendance at the program facilitated successful “hands-on” application of lessons learned.  
  3. For marketing and promotional purposes, applicants may be asked to be interviewed describing how the scholarship was beneficial.



  • Annual Conference scholarship applications must be submitted by June 30, 2017