Inspiration, Ideation, Action! An Introduction to Design Thinking for Risk Managers

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CE Credit: 1

Domain: Leadership

Level: Foundational

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This webinar will explore design thinking and its application to risk management.

Design Thinking is a breakthrough human-centered model for innovation and problem solving that empowers risk managers with the tools and mindsets of designers to engage the frontline, uncover unmet needs, and collaboratively co-create targeted solutions that will have a sustainable and measurable impact.

Widely touted in the business world for its ability to produce uniquely effective solutions, Design Thinking is now more than ever being applied to tackling the biggest (and smallest) issues in health care.

With a laser focus on the real needs of the end-user, the use of divergent and convergent thinking for generating ideas, and rapid-prototyping for developing solutions, Design Thinking represents an important complement to traditional approaches to risk mitigation projects.

Drawing from our experience at Stanford Medicine, we will explore the principles and methodologies of Design Thinking, and describe how we've applied it to tackling some of the thorniest risk management challenges facing patients and clinicians.


  • • Describe the key principles and tools of Design Thinking.
  • • Explain how Design Thinking is different from traditional approaches to risk mitigation projects.
  • • Discuss how Design Thinking approaches can be used at each stage of the risk management cycle to enhance improvement work.


Simon Mawer, LLB, GCLP

Product Code 322LS130
ASHRM CE Credits 1.0
CNE Credits 1.0
Domain Leadership
Level - Foundational (F), Practitioner (P), Advanced (A) F
Publication Date 6/16/16
Next Review 7/1/21

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