Guest Speakers

Allan FrankelAllan Frankel, MD 
Safe and Reliable Healthcare  

  • Bio

    Allan Frankel, MD, is a member of Safe and Reliable Care, LLC. For over 30 years, Dr. Frankel has used his clinical experience as an anesthesiologist and his knowledge of patient safety and reliability science to help health care organizations and clinicians improve the care they deliver to patients. To that end, Dr. Frankel has trained over 2,000 patient safety officers worldwide and provided patient safety and quality guidance from the bedside to the boardroom. Since 2007, Dr. Frankel has focused on improving the analysis and use of health care organizations’ cultural survey data and risk/quality data to support and hone improvement efforts. He and his clinical group have applied their insights and jointly developed with Mayo Clinic the Team-Based Engagement Method (TEM), an intervention to create learning environments in health care organizations. Since 1998, Dr. Frankel has co-chaired a host of collaboratives sponsored by The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). He co-created and teaches in the IHI patient safety executive development program.



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