Proactive Prevention

Staff to Staff Violence/Harassment Tools/Example Policies
Pre-employment background screening  
Policy clearly defines: Workplace Violence/Harassment /Sexual Harassment/Code of Professional Conduct/Fitness for Duty
  • Train all staff to recognize and report
  • Provide and encourage use of EAP to deal with potential stressors
  • Provide and encourage use of chain of command to report concerns & frustrations before they escalate
  • Train leaders to recognize and mitigate high-stress work environments and danger zones
  • Train all team members in de-escalation techniques and encourage respectful communication
Prevention Policy

Policy and Procedure


Confidential Incident Reporting system  
Annual Culture of Safety Survey; measure staff perceptions of workplace safety  
EOC surveillance of incident reports and trends; identify high-risk areas and intervene  
Disciplined or Terminated Employees
  • Consistent enforcement of expectations and fair disciplinary procedures
  • Pre-discipline warnings re: consequences
  • Process establish safety plan for highly disgruntled or violent employees (security escort, exclusion from campus, notification of remaining team member to report return to campus)


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