Proactive Prevention

Physician or Third Party Professional to Staff Violence/Harassment Tools/Example Policies
Pre-engagement background checks and screening  
Medical Staff Bylaws/Professional Code of Conduct clearly addresses: Workplace Violence/Harassment  
Any contracts/agreements with on-campus third party contractors or vendors clearly addresses: Workplace Violence/Harassment
  • Contract language provides explicit expectations re: workplace violence and termination clause protects facility interests
Zero tolerance policy  
Clear, transparent peer review and other accountability structure  
Provide and encourage use of facility contact or incident reporting system to report concerns & frustrations before they escalate  
Train facility leaders to recognize and mitigate as they liaison with contractors and Medical Groups  
Training in de-escalation techniques and respectful communication
(Team Stepps, CPI, etc…)
Annual Culture of Safety Survey; measure MD & vendor perceptions of workplace safety  
EOC surveillance of incident reports and trends; identify
high-risk areas and intervene


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