HRM Week Presented By The Risk Authority Stanford - June 20-24, 2016

Join the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management in celebrating HRM Week Presented by The Risk Authority Stanford, June 20-24, 2016. This week is time to show your appreciation for the work that risk management and patient safety professionals do to ensure that patients receive safe and trusted health care.

Making a World of Difference

This year’s theme “Making a World of Difference” celebrates the many accomplishments of risk managers. Together health care risk managers are “Making a World of Difference” in health care by advancing patient safety, reducing uncertainty and maximizing value.



HRM Week Webinar: Managing Cyber Risks - Making a World of Difference in the Digital Healthcare Age

Cyber breaches and hacking incidents are becoming more prevalent in every sector and health care is no different. As the healthcare sector continues to change rapidly and become more connected, cyber threats are an increasingly important part of risk management for healthcare organizations. These attacks threaten to compromise network data, including patient records, and disrupt systems and networks. Cyber risks impact the entire enterprise, and health care risk managers play a role in preparing for and mitigating these risks within their organization.

In this webinar, two experts will present their insights, including scope of cyber coverage, how cyber coverage interrelates with your current insurance program, and strategies and techniques to mitigate the risk and create value for your organization. By proactively addressing cyber threats, risk managers can help make a difference in the digital healthcare age.


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HRM Week Quiz

Test yourself on the concepts of health care risk management, patient safety and root cause analysis with ASHRM’s interactive HRM Week Quiz. After you answer each question, you will receive an explanation of the correct answer and a recommendation for further reading on the topic. Take Quiz




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HRM Week Tools

Use these free resources raise awareness of the value of risk management and patient safety and to educate others about the Health Care Risk Management Profession. Download Full HRM Week Toolkit.

HRM Week Tip Card
This tip card provides four ways which health care workers can play a critical role in patient safety. Print and distribute this card to your coworkers.

HRM Week Powerpoint Template
Use this template for your presentations and staff meetings during HRM week to raise awareness of the risk management profession.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the health care risk management profession to share with your colleagues and help them discover what HRM week is all about.

HRM Week Key Messages
Information about what risk managers do, their qualifications, their involvement when crises occur, and how they advance safe and trusted health care.

HRM Week Talking Points
These talking points will help you speak clearly and on message about the health care risk management profession and HRM week.

Overview of the Healthcare Risk Management Profession
Share this document with an associate who is interested in the health care risk management profession. This overview defines what risk managers do, how to become a risk manager and why health care risk management is rewarding career.

Sample HRM Week Article for Employee Newsletter
Fill in the blanks on this template article for inclusion in your company’s employee newsletter. This article announces your organization’s participation in HRM Week and recognizes the valuable work that your staff is doing in promoting patient safety.

Sample HRM Week Press Release
Reach out to a local online or print publication and let them know what your organization is doing for HRM Week using this template press release. This template contains boiler plate information about HRM Week, with space to tout your organization’s achievements or statistics.

Sample HRM Week Proclamation
Send this request for proclamation template letter to a local government official to have HRM Week officially recognized. This proclamation highlights the vital role that health care risk managers play in health care, and may generate media coverage and public recognition for your organization and staff.



HRM Week Logo

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