HRM Week 2015 is June 15-19!

It's not too early to think about spreading the word about the importance of our profession during Healthcare Risk Management (HRM) Week. ASHRM will make it easy for you to deliver your message by providing materials you can customize and share with staff at your healthcare organization. And stay tuned for information on a webinar to be held June 17! More information coming soon!


Tumbler Note Book Poster


2015 HRM Week Gifts Now Available – Shop Today!

Healthcare Risk Management Week is the time to raise awareness about our profession and motivate your hard-working team with gifts featuring the HRM Week 2015 logo. ASHRM's exciting collection of NEW gifts is the perfect way to show your appreciation and make this year a special celebration! This year's items include:


Healthcare Risk Management Week Quiz

Test yourself and your colleagues with ASHRM's fun, interactive quiz. It's an excellent educational tool for Lunch-and-Learn sessions, meetings, or to provide to co-workers to test their healthcare risk management knowledge.

Take the quiz to today.


Healthcare Risk Management Week Toolkit Items

Use these resources to communicate the value of healthcare risk managers and to educate others about the Healthcare Risk Management profession.

Tip Card
ASHRM’s Healthcare Risk Management Week Tip Card provides quick notes on how others can become involved in patient safety. Print and distribute this card to co-workers by placing on food trays in the cafeteria, attaching to an email, putting in interoffice mail, or placing on desks and hanging on doors.

Download the 5.5" x 8.5" card.

HRM Week PowerPoint Template
Use the HRM Week PowerPoint Template for presentations and staff meetings. Use it to highlight the important role Healthcare Risk Managers play, and to educate other team members.

Healthcare Risk Management Week FAQs
What’s it all about? Our FAQ page defines HRM Week, as well as more about the HRM profession and its vital role in every healthcare organization. Download it now...

Healthcare Risk Management Week Key Messages
Key messaging provides information about what risk managers do, their role in a crisis, how they help to deliver safe and trusted healthcare, and what the CPHRM credential means. Download it now...

Healthcare Risk Management Week Talking Points
Ever been in the right place and the right time, but didn’t know what to say? This piece provides a dialogue for educating your colleagues about the HRM profession. Download it now...

Overview of Healthcare Risk Management Profession
If you know someone who is interested in learning more about healthcare risk management as a career, this page defines who risk managers are, what they do, how to become a risk manager, where the jobs are, and why someone should choose this career. Download it now...

Overview of the Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM)
Learn more about the healthcare industry’s premier certification for the risk management profession, the eligibility requirements, exam content, testing procedures and other aspects of the certification. Learn more...

Sample Article for Employee Newsletter
This article can be personalized and forwarded to your organization’s Communications Department for possible inclusion in an employee newsletter. Fill in the blanks with your organization’s name, planned event and contact information. Click here for a downloadable version that can be customized.

Sample News Release Announcing Healthcare Risk Management Week
A news release informs the public about healthcare risk management, and what your organization is doing in the community in recognition of this special week. If your organization has good stats regarding adverse events, or received special recognition or notable accreditation for patient safety, you may want to include that in this news release. Personalize the news release by filling in a date, your location, name of your organization, name and title of person quoted, and contact information.

The Communications Department of most hospitals and healthcare organizations are responsible for sending out news releases. The ASHRM Sample News Release provides them with basic information and a framework. Contact your Communications Department, to get their input on how best to promote this week. Click here for a downloadable version.

Sample Proclamation
A proclamation is an official government letter to commemorate a special event, such as a designated week. In this case, it honors Health Risk Management professionals during Healthcare Risk Management Week. The proclamation highlights your profession’s cause and vital role in healthcare, and may generate media coverage and public recognition for your organization and HRM staff.

First, go to your Mayor’s office website for contact information. Write a brief letter explaining your request for a proclamation. Members may localize underlined sections below, by Clicking here for a downloadable, customizable version. Submit both your letter and proposed, localized copy for a proclamation.


Below, you will find links to the Healthcare Risk Management Week logo and ASHRM logo to use on any Healthcare Risk Management Week promotional materials that you develop on your own.

HRM Week Logo web version
HRM Week Logo print version

ASHRM Logo web version
ASHRM Logo print version