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ASHRM Exchange is a web-based community exclusively for ASHRM members to connect and share resources and expertise with other healthcare risk management professionals.

Members can ask questions, share policies and procedures, build a professional network of contacts, connect with others who share their interests and specialties, and plug into an entire healthcare risk management community.

Among the benefits of ASHRM Exchange are:

  • Discussion groups (or listservs)
  • Resource library of policies and procedures
  • Member profiles
  • Online directory
  • Glossary
  • Searchable archives

All features are available without additional charge as part of membership in ASHRM.

Access the Site

To access the site, you must be:

  1. An active member of ASHRM
  2. Registered for the ASHRM web site
  3. Logged with an account that includes your member ID.

To test if you are logged on as a member, try loading your Exchange profile click here

I try to log on but get an error message or can’t remember my username or password.
Contact ASHRM at (312) 422-3980 or for assistance.

I am not registered.
All ASHRM members must create a username and password of their choosing AND enter their ten-digit ASHRM member ID to successfully register.  Once you log in, the system can remember you.

It worked – I see my profile.
You are ready to begin using ASHRM Exchange with no additional steps. 

Getting Started

Search the Resource Library
In the ASHRM Exchange Resource Library, members can access a wide variety of healthcare risk management materials submitted by other members.  Members can upload policies and procedures to share and rate materials on the site. 

The library is searchable by keyword, tag, author, document type and other parameters.

Search the library
Share a document

Send a Message
ASHRM Exchange discussion group, or listserv, allows members to send messages to the entire group.  Messages arrive in a graphically rich format that displays the sender’s identity and offers clear options for replying to the message or the sender. 

Archives of each discussion group are searchable, and users control the settings for frequency and delivery method of messages.

Send a message (after enrollment in ASHRM Exchange)
View or change your settings

Build Your Network of Colleagues
Each ASHRM member has a profile on Exchange that displays basic information; members can customize their profiles with their biography, education experience, interests and photo. 

You control who sees your profile and what information they have access to.

You can search for colleagues and add them to your list of contacts.

Access your profile
Find a member

Search the Glossary The risk management glossary is an online encyclopedia of healthcare risk management terms, acronyms and references from A to Z.  

Search alphabetically or by keyword, rate definitions, add comments or revisions, and request new definitions.

Browse the glossary


For tips and how-to's on using ASHRM Exchange, consult the Frequently Asked Questions.

Need help?
Contact ASHRM at (312) 422-3980 or  We can help with logging onto the site or pointers on getting started.