Effective Leadership Through the Process of Emotional Connection



Wednesday, January 23,
2 p.m. ET (1 p.m. CT/11 a.m. PT)
Duration, 1 hour

This webinar provides an overview of the science of emotional connection, covering key concepts in creating safe and secure bonds with team members and patients. Successful teams are those that foster and maintain a culture of CONNECTION. A place where people support and help each other and willing to collaborate, a place where everyone feels part of the team.

The Emotional Connection process or EmC is designed to engage every person on the team in understanding the ineffective strategies that start negative interactional cycles. The EmC process is based on scientific research and adult bonding where emotional connection is seen as the most powerful motivational force in our brain.

This webinar will provide you with specific techniques and skills to align and connect on a deeper emotional level to get everyone involved in better collaborating, engaging, and performing - creating better results and improving company culture.

Human beings thrive in a safe environment. When people feel a sense of belonging and connection, they feel valued and important, and they perform at their best.

  • Discuss the key concepts of the new science of emotional connection
  • Describe the 3-stage EmC process on how to transform negative interactions into positive and secure bonds of connection
  • List the five specific skills and techniques used to in creating an emotional connection in day-to-day interactions

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Guest Speakers

Dr. Lola Gershfeld, PsyDDr. Lola Gershfeld, PsyD
Board Dynamics Specialist, a Founder and CEO of Level Five Executive
Level Five Executive, Inc.


Dr. Lola Gershfeld is a founder and CEO of Level Five Executive. Dr. Gershfeld has received her doctorate in Organizational Psychology from the University of the Rockies in Colorado and is an expert in the field of board and team dynamics, working to move leaders and companies into creating a more cohesive and collaborative cultures, increasing effectiveness, productivity and work satisfaction. Dr. Gershfeld presents at conferences, is a published author of TRUSTMAKERS and Effective Board and Team Dynamivs Guide, and a developer of Mastering Emotional Connection Certification program. This program teaches leaders, boards and teams how to be effective by utilizing the Emotional Connection process, a science-based model and step-by-step methodology that shapes teams and board relationships in a way that creates strong partnerships and improves transparency, communication and results. Dr. Gershfeld is an Adjuct Professor at Chapman University and serves on the Board of Governors at the Center Club Orange County.


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