ASHRM Academy Sponsored Lunches

Inside Looking Up from Fighter Pilot to Healthcare Executive

Monday, April 18 | Noon – 1:00pm

RL Solutions

Sponsored by: The Risk Authority
As healthcare professionals in probably the most turbulent and dynamic professional environment in the last 40 years, it is important to ensure we have the ability personally in our careers and professionally within our organizations to innovate, evolve and lead the change we know needs to occur. Sometimes getting moving in that direction can be a challenge - personal and organizational inertia holds us back, strong forces of the status quo point towards continuing the same routines. The Risk Authority Stanford (TRA Stanford) believes we have to change how we manage and view healthcare risk, if we ever expect to move significantly towards zero patient harm.  In this presentation, Bob Cady describes the path TRA Stanford, and he personally, are taking to grow new perspectives, nurture innovation and dare to move forward in the face of the healthcare status quo - from the inside, looking up.



Strategies to Boost Event Reporting

Tuesday, April 19 | Noon – 1:00pm

RL Solutions

Sponsored by: RL Solutions
It's been estimated that up to 86% of medical errors are never reported. Without this vital data, how can healthcare organizations truly understand what's going on? Or change their policies and procedures to prevent events from happening again in the future? Adverse event reporting systems can help but they're only part of the solution. Once a hospital implement a reporting system, then the real work begins. This presentation will address the challenges found in encouraging front-line staff to report events and recommend strategies to improve incident reporting rates. Learn how to help your staff determine what they should report, how to motivate them to use the system and educate staff on the importance of reporting. As well, learn how to engage staff and close the feedback loop so they see that their participation matters.



Evolution of a Risk Management and Quality Program: SAFE.

Wednesday, April 20 | Noon – 1:00pm

Ob Hospitalist Group

Sponsored by: OB Hospitalist
The presentation will share our organization’s experience with an evolving risk management and patient safety program during high growth/organizational change over the past 5 years and discuss how risk managers’ can ensure their own program is scalable and responding to needs of their organization now, and in the future, given the high rate of change in today’s healthcare environment. We will also discuss how to “make the case” to management to ensure risk management and quality is recognized and embraced as part of the overall organizational value.




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