Academy FAQs

What programs are being offered?

ASHRM Academy offers the following two-day programs over a four-day period, split into two tracks: Track I is Monday and Tuesday, April 18 and April 19, and Track II is Wednesday and Thursday, April 20 and April 21.

What programs are offered when?

Track I – Monday & Tuesday Programs
Track II – Wednesday & Thursday Programs
CHRM Exam Prep
ERM Certificate Program 
HRM 1: Essentials
HRM 2: Applications
HRM 3: Advanced
Patient Safety 2: Tacking the Lead
Patient Safety I: Set the Framework
Risk Financing Boot Camp

How long is each program?

Each program is two full days in length. Programs will start and end between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily.

How many programs can I register for if I am planning on being there for all four days?

You may register for one (1) Track I Program and one (1) Track II Program.

  • You may only choose one program from Track I – Monday & Tuesday Programs.
  • You may only choose one program from Track II – Wednesday & Thursday Programs.

How much does each program cost?

The price for each two-day program is listed below.

  • If you register for one two-day program (Track I or II), you will pay for one (1) two-day program.
  • If you stay for all four days (register for one Track I and one Track II program), you will pay for two (2) two-day programs.
Before 3/18 Member
Before 3/18 Nonmember
After 3/18 Member
After 3/18 Nonmember
Monday and Tuesday Programs
$835 $635
$835 $735
$835 $735
Wednesday and Thursday Programs
$835 $635
$835 $735
$835 $735

Sample Registrations:

  1. Track I – Monday and Tuesday Program (April 18 and April 19)
    • Program choice - HRM Module 1: Essentials in Healthcare Risk Management
      • Member cost before March 18 is $635
      • Nonmember cost before March 18 is $735
  2. Track II – Wednesday and Thursday Program (April 20 and April 21)
    • Program choice HRM Module 2: Applications in Healthcare Risk Managementt
      • Member cost before March 18 is $635
      • Nonmember cost before March 18 is $735
  3. Track I and Track II - staying for all 4 days of programming Monday through Thursday (April 18 – April 21)
    • Program choices:
      • Track I – Monday and Tuesday Program (April 18 and April 19)
        Patient Safety I: Set the Framework
      • Track II – Wednesday and Thursday Program (April 20 and April 21)
        ERM Certificate Program
      • Member cost before March 18 is $1320
      • Nonmember cost before March 18 is $1520

Are there financial assistance or student discounts available?

No, we do not offer any financial assistance or student discounts for the Academy.

Do I need to prepare (read anything, do "pre-work", etc.) prior to attending Academy?

Some Academy programs require you to come prepared.  Please refer to the specific program’s webpage for more information.

What is the Patient Safety curriculum? Is this different from the Barton Modules?

The Patient Safety Certificate Program focuses solely on Patient Safety. Topics discussed include:

  • Just culture
  • Effective communication
  • Disclosure skills
  • And much more!

The Healthcare Risk Management Curriculum (formerly known as the Barton Modules) is broader in scope and discusses risk management as a whole.

Do you know who the faculty for the programs will be?

As of Q4 2015, this is still being decided. Please check back to the specific program’s webpage soon for more information as it becomes available.

Would it be important for me to attend Academy, if I usually attend the Annual Conference?

The ASHRM Academy has Certificate Programs where one can build their expertise and work on obtaining a well-defined knowledge base in healthcare risk management. The education in these courses, led by the most experienced and influential risk managers in healthcare, can help in obtaining the most current information in your industry.  

Certificate programs and certification programs are designed to meet very different needs. For instance, the organization that aims to recognize professionals who meet established knowledge, skills, or competencies (as in certification) may be missing an opportunity to build capacity and recognition of a specialty area of practice or set of skills (as in many certificate programs). One program type is not more or less rigorous than another. They simply serve different purposes and may require different business approaches, governance structures, development processes, etc.

The ASHRM Annual Conference allows you and your healthcare risk manager colleagues to share expertise with each other by leading a concurrent session at ASHRM Annual Conference. We are now accepting proposals for engaging and novel sessions that highlight models and strategies that attendees can apply within their own organizations. Submit a Session Proposal

What would be my takeaways if I attend?

Lots! Each of the programs give the attendees relevant concepts and tools to bring back to the work place. The faculty leading the delivery of these programs have real experiences to assist learners with connecting theory with practice and the program delivery methods vary to give all learning types the opportunity to get the most out of the compact two-day programs.

What kind of background/training do I need to participate?

We have programs to fit all experience levels, from Foundation to Advanced. Even if you have been in the industry for 20 years, these programs are updated to reveal current insight into your profession and you will learn something no matter what your level of knowledge base is today.

Are continuing education credits offered? How many?

Yes, 13 credits hours are offered for each two-day program.

Are there any online training modules available for the Patient Safety or HRM curriculums?

No, not at this time. We believe it is important to be able to ask questions to faculty as the education is administered. The ability to hear your colleagues as appropriate, real life examples to situations that occur in the day to day job environment is important. The value of this alone is immeasurable in a live format as opposed to an online course.

Will I benefit from the courses if I’ve been doing risk management for 20 years?

Practice does change over the years, so even for the most experienced risk manager, an individual is bound to pick up a something new.

When will we have access to register?

Soon! December 2015 we will open registration for ASHRM Academy 2016.

When will you know more details?

Keep checking the ASHRM Academy page on for more 2016 Academy updates.

What is the ERM Certificate Program?

The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Certificate Program* provides an insightful road map to best practices while preparing healthcare risk management professionals to balance risks with rewards.  The program begins online, where participants will work both independently and collaboratively to begin exploring ERM concepts and strategies. Next, participants and ERM faculty meet in-person, and engage in robust discussion, case studies and practical application. Lastly, the program concludes online, advancing the learning and in-person application by allowing for ongoing communication and collaboration among participants and faculty.

*Program refers to the entire ERM program, both the online course and Academy.

Is the ERM Certificate Program different than the previously offered ERM course?

Yes, the ERM Certificate Program premieres this year at ASHRM Academy 2016.  It is a unique “blended learning” program that provides a three-prong approach to ERM concepts, strategies, and application.

What is the time commitment for the ERM Certificate Program pre-work?

“Pre-work” begins March 21st via the online course.  The online course includes eight (8) modules that need to be completed before Academy, and one (1) module that needs to be completed after Academy.

I see ASHRM has an ERM Playbook available for sale. Is this included in the price for the ERM Certificate Program?

Yes, those who are taking the ERM Certificate Program will receive the ERM Playbook for no additional charge.  Playbooks will be mailed the week of March 14th.

What is the timeline for the ERM Certificate Program?

Week of March 14
Playbooks, online course enrollment information sent
March 21
Online course opens
April 14
Online course pauses (students will still have access)
April 18-21
Week of April 25
 Online course re-opens for wrap up
Week of May 1
Program evaluation (online course and Academy) 

What are the ERM Certificate Program completion requirements?

Participants will be awarded an ERM Certificate and continuing education (CE) credits upon successful completion of the ERM Certificate Program.  Successful completion requires completion of all nine (9) online modules and participation at Academy.  Students who do not both complete all nine (9) online modules and participate at Academy will not receive the ERM Certificate.

What are the ERM Certificate Program course expectations?

Participants are expected to complete the eight pre-Academy online course modules prior to Academy, participate at academy, and then complete the post-Academy online course module.  The ERM Certificate Program is an experience – it is truly a unique opportunity for you to engage with peers and faculty.  Engagement starts and ends with the online course, and completion of these modules greatly affects the Academy experience of everyone in attendance.

What is ASHRM Academy's Cancellation Policy?

All cancellation and refund requests must be made in writing to: ASHRM, 155 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60606; fax: (312) 422-4580 or email: All refunds will be provided in the original form of payment after the Academy concludes.

ERM Certificate Program Cancellation

Registration fees, less a $100 cancellation fee, are refundable if written notice is postmarked or emailed no later than March 18, 2016 at 4 p.m. CST  – this date is prior to the start of the self-study portion of the program.

All Other Cancellations

Registration fees, less a $100 cancellation fee, are refundable if written notice is postmarked or emailed no later than April 8, 2016 at 4 p.m. CST.