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  • 2015 Research Grant Guidelines

    The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM), a Personal Membership Group of the American Hospital Association, announces its 2015 Research Grants program.

    Letters of Intent Due May 2, 2014. Click Here for more information.

    Program Overview and Eligibility:
    The ASHRM Research Grant program seeks to stimulate research on healthcare risk management and patient safety issues and supports research projects that are either quantitative or qualitative in nature.  Research grants are available for healthcare professionals, or faculty or graduate students at institutions.
    The Board of Directors for ASHRM has established the following areas of emphasis:

    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Serious Safety Event(s)
    • Patient and Family Engagement
    • Technology Risks

    Research proposals related to at least one of the areas above, that support ASHRM’s vision and mission, and involve outcomes research, practice guidelines establishment, or demonstration projects are particularly encouraged.  

    Awards and Funding:
    Awards for Research Grants are up to $100,000 for one-year projects. Projects must be completed within a year of the grant being awarded.  The maximum indirect cost rate is 10% of total direct costs, excluding equipment, and must be included in the total $100,000 maximum award.


    The 2015 Research Grant Program will be administered in two parts.

    Part 1 - Letter of Intent - Anyone may submit a Letter of Intent.  These will be reviewed by the Past Presidents’ Council and scored based on alignment with ASHRM’s vision and mission.  They will be evaluated on the perceived ability to advance safe and trusted healthcare and advance ASHRM’s mission.

    Letter of Intent Requirements:

    • A brief description of the project
    • Statement of how this research advances the current state of healthcare risk management and/or patient safety either substantively or methodologically

    Part 2 - Research Proposal - The top proposed projects will be invited to submit a complete proposal.  The complete proposals will be reviewed by the Research Task Force.

    Proposal Requirements:
    If invited to submit a proposal, you will be required to submit the following:

    • Personnel Information
      • Statement of the qualifications of the applicant(s) to accomplish the proposed research
      • CVs for lead investigator and all co-investigators
    • Organizational Information
      • Organization name, mission and purpose
      • Statement of why your organization can accomplish this project (include history of similar projects, support of organization, etc.)
    • Research Proposal Requirements:
      • Problem statement
      • Significance to the field of risk management and patient safety
      • Theoretical or conceptual framework for the research
      • Research questions or hypothesis(es) to be addressed
      • Methodology
    • Supporting Documents
      • Proposed Budget
      • Other Support (either requested or received)
      • Research Project Timeline
      • IRB Approval (if applicable)


    Proposal Evaluation Criteria:

    Significance: Significance for the healthcare risk management or patient safety body of knowledge 40%
    Rigor: Clarity of objectives, rationale and strength of research design and methodological approach 40%
    Investigators:Technical capacity of researcher(s) to complete the proposed research 10%
    Budget: Adequacy of the budget to the planned activities, value for the money, sufficiency of in-kind organizational contribution (15% minimum) 10%


    Letter of Intent Submission Deadline

    May 2, 2014

    Invitation to submit proposals goes out

    May 29, 2014

    Research Proposals Due

    July 14, 2014

    2014 Grants Funding Announcement

    2014 Annual Conference,
    October 26, 2014

    Funding Period:
    Research grants are awarded according to the published schedule for submission and review and are subject to the limitations of available funding.

    Funding Disbursements:
    It is the responsibility of the grant recipient upon receiving formal notification of the grant award to expend the funds within the timeframe of the award.  Grantees will receive two-thirds of the total award at the beginning of the grant period, one-sixth upon acceptance of the progress report, and one-sixth upon acceptance of the final report. 

    Reporting Requirements:
    All research grantees will be required to submit brief progress reports quarterly throughout the grant period.  A final report should be an article or practice guideline based on the proposed research and of the quality and in the format for submission to a journal for publication. If your project is funded, you also agree to submit your final manuscript to The Journal of Healthcare Risk Management for publication within two months of completion.  You are also expected to present a one-hour session at the 2016 ASHRM Annual Conference in Orlando, FL.

    All products resulting from this program must acknowledge receipt of funds from the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management. 

    If you have questions, please contact ASHRM at ashrm@aha.org.

    Click Here for Past Recipients


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