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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Conferences & Meetings
    Chapter Relations
    Technical Risk Management Issues
    Professional Recognition Program


    How do I get continuing education credit for ASHRM programs?
    ASHRM programs are pre-approved for CE credit toward fulfillment of the requirements of ASHRM designations of FASHRM (Fellow) and DFASHRM (Distinguished Fellow) and toward Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM) renewal. Participants receive all CE credits awarded for each program through a certificate issued by ASHRM following the program, based on full participation in the program.

    Can I get risk management credits for non-ASHRM educational programs?
    As a chapter benefit, ASHRM reviews at no charge chapter programs for approval of continuing education credit toward fulfillment of the requirements of ASHRM designations of FASHRM (Fellow) and DFASHRM (Distinguished Fellow) and toward CPHRM renewal. ASHRM also awards continuing education credits to organizations other than ASHRM chapters for a $150 non-refundable fee. For details, click here.

    I am new to the field of risk management. Are there courses that I can take to learn the basics of risk management?
    The HRM Certificate Program: Barton Modules offers an overview of healthcare risk management for either beginning practitioners or for those who wish to refresh their skills. The state and local chapters of ASHRM also offer risk management educational programs of current interest, as well as networking opportunities for both those new to the field and those who are expanding their careers in risk management.

    How can I obtain continuing education credits for CPHRM (Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management) renewal?
    There are several ways that continuing education credit can be obtained for CPHRM renewal. Full details can be found by consulting the AHA Certification Center's CPHRM renewal application (PDF).

    Conferences & Meetings

    When and where will the 2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition be held?
    The 2013 ASHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition will be held Oct. 27-30 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. Find a complete listing of future conference dates and locations.

    How do I register?
    Registration will open in mid-May 2013.  You will be able to register for the conference and join or renew your membership at the same time.


    If I join today, when will my membership expire?
    ASHRM bills members on an anniversary cycle throughout the year. Members are billed for renewal approximately 12 months after their join date. Invoices for renewal are sent by mail the month prior to expiration, to allow plenty of time for renewal.  You can also request a renewal invoice or renew through our online application.

    Does ASHRM produce a membership directory?
    ASHRM maintains a searchable membership directory on the ASHRM web site.  The directory is accessible only to members and is accessible in the members only section of the Web site (registration and login  are required).

    How much are the membership dues?
    ASHRM membership rates are:

    • $159 for regular membership
    • $89 for student membership
    • $89 for retiree membership

    What are the different categories of membership?
    Individuals can join ASHRM under the following three types: 1) regular member; 2) full-time student member; 3) retired member. All members enjoy the same benefits and voting rights. ASHRM does not categorize "vendor members" as such. All members who are not student or retired are regular members.

    What are the requirements for a student membership?
    Student memberships are available to full-time students only.  Full-time students are considered those who attend school full time during the week and are not working in a full-time position in the healthcare profession. To qualify, students must submit a copy of a recent transcript or current membership card showing full-time student status.  Each student application is reviewed prior to approval.  For details, please call ASHRM at (312) 422-3980.

    After I join, when can I expect my membership card?
    Membership cards are sent within two weeks of a member joining the association. Members wishing to obtain their membership identification number prior to receiving their card should call the ASHRM office at (312) 422-3980.

    Where can I find my membership ID number?
    Your membership number is included on your membership card and on all ASHRM mailings. It is also listed at the top of each eNews e-mail newsletter. You can also call the ASHRM office at (312) 422-3980.

    Chapter Relations

    What does it take to become an affiliated chapter of ASHRM?
    A minimum of 25 percent of total chapter membership must be current ASHRM members. The chapter president must be an ASHRM member in good standing during his/her term of office. This requirement must also be stated in the chapter's bylaws. Chapter bylaws must not conflict with the intent of the ASHRM bylaws. Affiliation agreements must be renewed every three years. Learn more about chapter affiliation.

    How do I apply for ASHRM CE credits for my chapter program?
    To apply for continuing education credits, please forward a copy of the program agenda, including topics and timeframes for each topic; biographies for each faculty member; and draft of brochure or marketing language to ashrm@aha.org.  Please allow at least two weeks for confirmation of the continuing education credits.  Once credits are approved, you will be contacted by ASHRM.  Learn more about credits for chapter programs.

    What assistance can ASHRM give to promote my chapter activities?
    To include an announcement on the ASHRM web site or in the Forum newsletter or e-News, please forward details, including whom to contact for more information, to ashrm@aha.org.

    What ASHRM resources are available to my chapter and its leadership?
    ASHRM staff works to help the chapter community prosper. A key resource is the ASHRM Chapter Handbook, which includes a comprehensive list of the support and services ASHRM offers to its chapters.

    Technical Risk Management Issues

    How can I obtain a sample position description for a healthcare risk manager?
    The Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Organizations (6th Edition), includes an ASHRM Risk Manager Task Inventory and different levels of Risk Manager Position Descriptions as exhibits. The Risk Management Handbook can be purchased through the ASHRM Online Store.


    When will the sixth edition of the Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations be published?
    The Sixth Edition is now available. It can be purchased through the ASHRM Online Store.

    How can I get a copy of the Student Edition of the Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations?
    The Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Organizations (Student Edition) is only available to academic markets through the publisher, Jossey-Bass. ASHRM is not selling it and does not plan to sell it; ASHRM sells the full handbook edition only. For information about the Student Edition, contact the Jossey-Bass Customer Care Department within the U.S. at (800) 956-7739, outside the U.S. at (317) 572-3986 or via fax at (317) 572-4002. Faculty wishing to obtain a desk review copy may contact publichealth@wiley.com.

    How do I submit a manuscript to be considered for publication in the Journal of Healthcare Risk Management?
    With the objective of publishing a journal of significant value to its members,  ASHRM looks for articles that help risk managers improve their professional performance. Articles of most benefit to the Journal’s readers are those that explain risk management techniques, spot trends, explain the significance and impact of court decisions and congressional activity on the risk management function and relate risk management techniques to other healthcare areas.

    The purpose of the Journal is to provide a forum on healthcare risk management issues and explain the impact of those issues to other appropriate parties. Article topics could include, but are not limited to: patient safety, professional liability claims management, loss prevention, risk management-related legislation and legal issues, risk management fundamentals, computers in risk management, statistical processing in risk management and infection control.

    For details, review the Journal Author Guidelines before submitting a manuscript.

    Does ASHRM accept advertising?
    Yes. For details, please visit ASHRM's advertising information page.

    May I reprint and distribute articles from past issues of the Journal?
    Please direct all reprints/permissions inquiries to www.wiley.com/go/permissions. These requests are not handled by ASHRM staff.

    I am not a member of ASHRM. How can I subscribe to the Journal of Healthcare Risk Management?
    Annual subscription rate is $175. To order single subscriptions, call toll-free (888) 378-2537, fax toll-free (888) 481-2665, e-mail jbsubs@wiley.com, or write Jossey-Bass, 989 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103-1741. Discounts available for quantity subscriptions; contact Sandy Quade at squadepe@wiley.com. Please note active members of ASHRM receive the journal as a benefit of membership. To join, visit www.ashrm.org/join.

    Professional Recognition Program

    What are the requirements for ASHRM's Professional Recognition Program?
    ASHRM encourages its members to show their commitment to the field of healthcare risk management and to their professional development as a leader in the field by working toward and applying for special recognition. The DFASHRM (Distinguished Fellow) designation is limited to current ASHRM members who have been members for a minimum of 10 years. The FASHRM (Fellow) designation is limited to current ASHRM members who have been members for a minimum of five years. For details and to download an application form, visit the  Professional Recognition page.


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