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    Call for Educational Scholarship Applications

    Scholarship Deadlines:

    • August 8, 2014
      (all applicants for ASHRM’s 2014 Annual Conference must meet this deadline)
    • October 3, 2014


    ASHRM is dedicated to supporting the professional and scholastic development of current and prospective risk management and patient safety professionals. The ASHRM Educational Scholarship and Grant Program offers financial support for the following:

    1. Continuing education scholarships of up to $1,500 for program costs related to clinical, legal, regulatory and/or risk financing aspects of risk management and patient safety, including:
      • ASHRM Annual Conferences
      • ASHRM CPHRM Prep Courses, Examination Applications and Self-Assessment Examinations
      • ASHRM Patient Safety Curriculum
      • Seminars
      • Workshops
    2. Scholarships of up to $3,000 for students pursuing degrees in healthcare risk management or other related disciplines, such as, patient safety, quality, compliance, insurance, health law and human factors engineering.
    3. Full and partial scholarships of up to $2,340 each to those who have been accepted to attend Stanford University’s 'Strategic Decision-Making to Manage Risk in Healthcare Organizations' Program.
    4. The AHA-NPSF Comprehensive Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship is a yearlong intensive learning experience that develops leadership competencies and promotes breakthroughs in safety practices through a dynamic, highly participatory, and structured learning community. Scholarships of up to $14,500 are available for current ASHRM Members accepted into the Fellowship. Scholarships will be limited to those eligible for FASHRM status. Click Here for additional information about the availability of ASHRM scholarships for the Patient Safety Leadership Fellow. To learn more about the Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship, Click Here

    General Guidelines:

    1. Scholarships are only available to ASHRM members in good standing.
    2. First priority will be given to first time applicants. Applications from previous recipients will be considered after decisions have been made for all new applicants, if funding is still available.
    3. Funding is limited. All decisions regarding an applicant’s approval or denial of, a scholarship or grant are made at the discretion of the ASHRM Scholarship and Grant Program Task Force and the ASHRM Board of Directors, and are considered final.
    4. All applications must be submitted prior to the start of the desired program, and will not be retroactively accepted for attendance at a program that has already taken place.
    5. Those currently serving on the Educational Scholarship and Grant Program Advisory Task Force are ineligible to apply for individual ASHRM Educational Scholarships or Grants.

    Applicant Criteria:

    1. All applicants must be currently employed at the professional level in the healthcare law, risk management, risk insurance, risk finance or patient safety management profession; or must be able to articulate that a career change to the field of Risk Management/Patient Safety is a desired professional goal.
    2. Student applicants must be currently enrolled in or accepted into an accredited program in healthcare, insurance, risk management or healthcare finance program
    3. If currently enrolled and attending a qualified program, student applicants must maintain a minimum current or most recent GPA of at least 3.0 out of a possible 4.0
    4. The desired program/course of study must have a healthcare risk management and/or patient safety component to it.
    5. Scholarships are considered for applicants with insufficient sources of funding to cover the full cost of the course or program.
    6. Ability to demonstrate how newly learned techniques will be applied to improve the organization’s overall risk management/patient safety program.

    Required Application Documentation:

    1. Applicant narrative that includes the following:
      • Name, Home Address, Telephone Numbers (home and office), and E-mail address
      • Current position held at employer organization
      • Description of how newly learned methods and skills will be applied to improve the organization’s overall risk management/patient safety program
      • Name of college/university/organization offering the program
      • Individual scholastic experience, activities and accomplishments
      • If applicable, present class standing (enrollee, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral candidate, etc.)
      • If applicable, major, minor fields of study
      • If applicable, academic grade point average in field of study and overall GPA
    2. Resume or CV that details work/scholastic experience related to risk management and/or patient safety
    3. Academic and/or employer letter of recommendation.
      • Letter can be from current or past employer, defined as "an individual who serves or has served in a supervisory capacity to the applicant".
      • Letter must provide details on the current position and the applicant’s responsibilities as they relate to the risk management/patient safety field. It should also verify that the organization will not provide funding to cover the full cost for the applicant to attend the program (if the organization will cover partial cost the amount should be included).
    4. Documentation of tuition/program costs. Include a list of any matching funds received, but do not list loans as funding sources.

    Post-Program Requirements:

    All applicants must provide documentation of successful program completion.

    1. No second application will be considered if the full requirements of any prior scholarship received have not been completed.
    2. All applicants are strongly encouraged to post on the ASHRM Exchange and/or submit an article for possible publication in ASHRM’s Journal of Healthcare Risk Management, describing how attendance at the program facilitated successful "hands-on" application of lessons learned.
    3. For marketing and promotional purposes, and if willing, applicants may be asked to be interviewed describing how the scholarship/grant to attend a specific program facilitated successful "hands-on" application of lessons learned.

    For more information e-mail ashrm@aha.org