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Registration for the ASHRM web site is simple and gives you access to exclusive members-only content such as discussion groups, resource library, journal archives and more.

You will need your ten-digit ASHRM member ID to register.  It is shown at the top of each eNews email and printed on ASHRM address labels.  Or contact ASHRM at or (312) 422-3988.

Once you have your ID, you will go to the registration page.  Keep in mind these important steps:

  1. On the first screen, fill out the form with a username, a password that's easy to remember and other required information. 
  2. On the second screen, enter your 10-digit ASHRM membership number. IMPORTANT:  You must complete this step to be granted access to all areas of the ASHRM web site.
  3. Once you finish this process, you should be registered and logged onto the site. The system will recognize you with a personalized greeting that says “Welcome [Name].” 

If you are logged onto the ASHRM web site but still can't access members-only content, do not create another account.  Contact ASHRM at or (312) 422-3980 for assistance.